“Over the years, I have relied on Beth’s keen messaging instincts and ability to draw out and strengthen community voices. Whether it’s through her writing or public speaking coaching, she captures both the core issues and people’s personal values to move broad audiences.” – Nikki Fortunato BasOakland City Council President | speechwriting and political communications client

“You may hire Beth for her communications skills, but what you get is a leader who brings people together with her keen strategic instincts, energetic partnership, and desire to see people succeed. Her fundraising chops manifest in crisp, potent, and easy-to-understand messaging. She has a unique ability to make CEOs, board members, and beneficiaries open up about their stories and experiences, and then craft messages that are true to their voice. She has been the X Factor in our fundraising campaigns!” – Elle Fersan, Vice President of Philanthropy, East Bay Community Foundation | fundraising communications client

“Beth is one of the most talented communications professionals that I’ve worked with in my career. First and foremost, Beth excels at storytelling that champions the work of social justice leaders and organizations. She’s smart, responsive, and extremely fast. Importantly, while she leads with compassion around sensitive topics, Beth is unafraid to ask leaders the hard questions that may be necessary to untangle complex narratives. I can always count on Beth to get the job done and deliver powerful, engaging communications.” – Maria Stokes, Director of Corporate Communications, Blue Shield | communications client

“Beth has had an indelible impact on my professional development. She helped me fine-tune my personal mission, grow as a leader, and thrive as a woman of color in the nonprofit sector. She’s a remarkable coach – she transforms pie-in-the-sky dreams into well-thought-out, attainable plans.” – Anna CastroCommunications Consultant | coaching client

“Beth focuses on your core values in coaching. As a result, my leadership feels even more authentic and competent. Her down-to-earth style creates a safe space for me to speak honestly about what I am thinking. Her excellent inquiry skills helps me to gain the clarity needed to think through problems. Beth has an amazing ability to hold the big picture in the front, helping me to focus on what matters.” – Tracey WilliamsFounder and Executive Director, Urban University | coaching client

“Beth is an amazing human being, coach, and colleague, and friend. She was instrumental in helping me see clarity as I lead one of the toughest transitions of my life. She helped me keep things honest and granted the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What an amazing coach!” – Hiram Santisteban, C-Suite Executive | coaching client

“Beth has been an invaluable contributor for our communications, funds development, and evaluation. She has a rare ability to listen attentively to diverse perspectives, distill complex insights, and translate them into actionable strategies. Her knack for navigating funding avenues and her grant writing skills played a pivotal role in securing $5 million from the California Workforce Development Board for a new vocational English program that will be transformational for our agency.”– Kayt NorrisSenior Director of Growth & Innovation, Homebridge | communications and fundraising client