“Beth’s public speaking group training was hands-down terrific. She was engaging, dynamic, and relatable. She made sure everyone felt comfortable, and has a way of cutting through to the substance of the matter, while being authentic and supportive.” – Christina Vrachnos, Communications Director, UCSF

“Beth is a copywriting superstar. Throughout my career, I’ve never met a better writer. Beth has an amazing, innate ability to produce communications that are not only clear and concise, but she adds an extra “zing” that makes them thoroughly engaging and powerful.” – Maria Stokes, Director of Corporate Communications, Blue Shield

“Beth has had an indelible impact on my professional development. She helped me fine-tune my personal mission, grow as a leader, and thrive as a woman of color in the nonprofit sector. She’s a remarkable coach – she transforms pie-in-the-sky dreams into well-thought-out, attainable plans.” – Anna CastroCommunications Consultant

“Beth’s program evaluations are insightful, thorough, and actionable. She ensures a complete understanding of her client’s goals, conducts vigorous background research, and delivers thoughtful recommendations, resulting in significant organizational impact.” – Simon PitchfordChief Operating Officer, Homebridge

“I always channel Beth’s reminders that people remember how you make them feel, more than wonk. She has helped me solidify my voice, strengthen my confidence, and tackle difficult questions from media outlets such as CNN, NPR Marketplace, and the Nation.” – Jennifer Lin, Campaign Coordinator, National Employment Law Project

“Over the years, I have relied on Beth’s keen messaging instincts and ability to draw out and strengthen community voices. Whether it’s through her writing or public speaking coaching, she captures both the core issues and people’s personal values to move broad audiences.” – Nikki Fortunato BasOakland City Councilmember

“Beth helped me identify not only what I truly desire, but how to be the best businesswoman. I now see areas of growth and how to ground myself in my strengths. Her guidance was transformative in bringing me closer to the entrepreneur and creative I’ve always wanted to be. – Janna ZinziStrategist & Storyteller