Anna Castro narrowAnna Castro, client, presenting at the Radical Communicators Conference

“Beth has had an indelible impact on my professional development. She has helped me fine-tune my personal mission, grow as a leader, and thrive as a young woman of color in the nonprofit sector. Sustainability practices are necessary in movement spaces, and Beth has provided me the framework from which to create healthy practices that have taken my strategizing to the next level. She’s a remarkable coach – she transforms thoughts and pie-in-the sky dreams into well-thought out, attainable plans.” – Anna Castro, Communications Consultant

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Beth on multiple projects requiring in-depth program evaluations. Beth’s work is insightful, thorough and actionable. She ensures a complete understanding of the goals of her client, vigorously conducts background research, and delivers thoughtful, detailed work product. We have incorporated many of her recommendations, and these have always been incredibly well-received, resulting in significant, positive organizational impact. – Simon Pitchford, COO

“Beth led a public speaking group training at our work offsite and was, hands-down terrific. She was engaging, dynamic, succinct, and most of all, relatable. She made sure to make everyone in the room feel comfortable, so that the training could be productive and fun. She has a way of cutting through to the substance of the matter quickly. She is always authentic and supportive.” Christina Vrachnos, Communications Director

“Beth is one of those fearless people that names things for me when I can’t see them for myself. I always channel her reminders that people remember how you make them feel, more than the wonk-wonk-wonk of what you try to tell them. She has helped me solidify my voice, strengthen my confidence, and tackle difficult questions from media outlets such as CNN, NPR Marketplace, and the Nation. And she does it all with the loving firmness– mixed with humor– that helps shatter the BS that’s standing in the way of your leadership.” – Jennifer Lin, Campaign Director

“Beth is a copywriting superstar. Throughout my career, I’ve never met a better writer than Beth. She has an amazing, innate ability to produce communications that are not only clear and concise, but she adds an extra “zing” that makes them thoroughly interesting and engaging. I also highly value Beth’s expertise in strategic planning and project management. You can always count on Beth to get the job done and deliver powerful, engaging communications.” – Maria Stokes, Marketing Director

“Beth is an incredible coach and ally. She has helped me better understand my personal leadership and conflict management styles. By identifying and becoming more grounded in my strengths, I have gained confidence, become more effective at work, am better able to handle stress, and am thinking more strategically about where I’m headed. What I am learning with Beth applies not only to my work and personal relationships now, but also to the kind of contributions I want to make in the world.” – Regan Douglass, Communications Director

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