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Effective publicly-facing communications strategies require organizational vision with fully integrated programs, campaigns, fundraising, operations, leadership, and staff development. My firm conducts full-scale program and organizational evaluations to strengthen internally, so you can deliver a greater impact externally.

Taking a coaching approach, my team works to break down organizational silos, move change management processes; and create greater staff satisfaction. We conduct in-depth staff and stakeholder interviews, gather qualitative data, and work with leadership, boards, and line staff. Together, we identify how your organization can grow, what’s holding you back, and how to move change so you can advance your mission.

  • Program Assessment & Cross-Functionality: Examination of programs, cross-functionality, silo-ization, and efficiency. We help determine proper staffing and support levels as well as program integration to create an economy of scale.
  • Infrastructure: Assessment of whether you have the necessary support, operations, technology, and HR staff and processes in place to undergird the organization and support the successful implementation of programs.
  • Decision-Making/Internal Communications Audit: Examination of your decision-making structures and feedback practices to see whether they are consistent, transparent, and aligned with the organization’s values. We also look at how leadership communicates with staff and advise on change management processes.
  • Funding Assessment: Examination of development and fundraising plan to ensure it is sustainable and can resource infrastructure and staff development needs.
  • Supervision/Management: Examination of supervision and evaluation practices, leadership skills, and ongoing capacity-building efforts.
  • Staff Development: Assessment of staff skill level and professional development plans. We will also examine if there are career pathways and professional development opportunities to retain staff and increase longevity.
  • Salary & Compensation Review: Examine, compare, and contrast organizations of equivalent size, the area’s cost of living, as well as any disparities within the organization. We also look at PTO and other ways to create work/life balance.
  • Hiring Practices: Examine hiring, onboarding, and training practices from a diversity and inclusion perspective. We look at whether your practices are in line with your mission to empower those from impacted communities.