I am a seasoned public interest communications strategist, coach, and evaluator. My firm’s clients range from advocacy or social service organizations – to elected leaders – to foundations – to individual professionals. Services include:

  • Communications: Bold messaging and dissemination drives the public debate, organizes our communities, and lays the foundation for political and cultural change. My team and I conduct head-to-toe communications audits, media landscape analysis, and message development to move diverse audiences, including the public, policymakers, members, donors, and funders. We work strategically on multi-faceted campaigns, and also provide media relations, copywriting, speaker and media training, and digital content.
  • Coaching: Cutting through today’s marketplace of ideas requires leadership and an authentic voice. I specialize in public speaking coaching and have empowered hundreds of people to deliver powerful speeches that move audiences to take action. I also work with professionals on leadership and career development. Group trainings are available in public speaking, media 101, campaign message development, and being a media spokesperson. I help people redefine success to have a more fulfilling journey, beyond just end goals.
  • Organization/Program Evaluation: Effective publicly-facing communications strategies require organizational vision with fully integrated programs, campaigns, fundraising, operations, leadership, and staff development. My firm works deeply with nonprofits and key stakeholders on full-scale evaluations to strengthen internally, so they can deliver a greater impact externally.