I am a public interest communications strategist, coach, and copywriting. My clients range from nonprofits – to elected leaders – to creatives to social service/health care practitioners – and everyone in between.

For more info, click on my 3 C’s:

  • Communications: I provide strategic communications leadership to create culture shift among diverse audiences, including the public, policy makers, members, donors, and funders. My services include overarching messaging development and integration with multi-faceted campaigns, media relations, copywriting, speaker and media training, and digital content.
  • Coaching: I guide professionals to tap into their vision to do greater good in the world while finding grounding to do greater good for themselves. I help people redefine success to have a more fulfilling journey, beyond just end goals. In addition to leadership and career coaching, I specialize in public speaking coaching and have empowered hundreds of people to deliver powerful speeches.
  • Copywriting: I work with clients on a deep level to create not only sparkling copy, but an authentic voice that will move your audience to take action.