Beth headshot Brooke

Twenty years ago, I helped a friend conduct market research for a new Saran Wrap. We interviewed women preparing dinner and discussed leftovers. It was anything but boring, and I couldn’t believe the deep socio-political issues that arose. I was hooked, but I wanted to market ideas for the greater good.

Long story short, I became a public interest communicator. Since then, I have worked on messaging, copywriting, and coaching to support people and help organizations develop an authentic voice to make change in the world.

My clients range from nonprofits – to elected leaders – to creatives – to social service/health care practitioners. I have a feminist, anti-racist perspective and work with people who are looking to do greater good in the world while finding grounding to do greater good for themselves.

Oakland, CA has been my home for over 20 years. I hail from the great state of New Jersey and went to art school in NYC at Cooper Union. My likes include hiking, dogs, food, the Oxford comma, and East Coast humor – sometimes all at once.